I teach Pilates lessons individually, in small groups with a maximum of 5 (in the exercise room) and a maximum of 3 (in the machine room). This enables me to give you personal attention for the correct exercise technique.
Courses of lessons are also available.
Each lesson lasts 55 minutes.
Lockers are available in the changing room.
Fresh towels are available free of charge for a shower after.

For lessons in a "Course", in case of illness or other significant event, you can postpone a lesson with at least 4 hours prior notice up to a maximum of 3 times in one course. Non attendance without notice will end in forfeiture of that lesson.

Special Starters Package for 999czk includes:
   1 x Individual Pilates Reformer lesson
   1 x entry to Pilates Reformer group lesson
   2 x entries to Pilates Mat group lesson

Pilates Mat: Group lessons (maximum 5 people)
   1 lesson 250czk (book a place on a group lesson of your choice)
   10 lessons 2,000czk (course with fixed day & time)

Pilates Mat: Group Lesson - Open pass: 10 lessons 2,500czk
The holder of this pass has the right to enter any group lesson on the mat upon prior reservation via sms (24 hours before and assumes the group lesson is not full - I will try to accommodate you if it is).
It is valid for 5 months and is not transferable.

Pilates lessons for pregnant and postnatal: 1 lesson 250czk
Strengthening the pectoral muscles, strengthening between the scapula and hand muscles, strengthening the gluteal muscles, strengthening and relaxing the pelvic floor.   Exercise with children.

   Mothers, the written consent of your doctor is required!  (e.g. A note in your in pregnancy card)

Pilates on machines - Group Lessons: 1 lesson 550czk,  10 lessons 4,500czk
Intensive training on Pilates machines for up to 3 people.
If you have a 10 lesson ticket you can bring 1 guest.
The validity of the season ticket is 5 months.

Pilates on machines - Individual lessons: 1 lesson 1,100czk   5 lesson Pass 5,000czk  or  10 lesson Pass 9,000czk
Want faster results? Will your health not allow you to join the group? Or are you a performance athlete and need specific training? I will prepare an exercise program tailored for your body and your diary. You have all Pilates machines and an instructor at your disposal.
The individual lesson lasts 55 minutes and begins and ends at a pre-agreed time. If you arrive late for any reason, the lesson will not be extended, it will end at the specified time. The agreed lesson can be cancelled no later than midnight of the previous day, after which time it will be deducted from the pass. This pass is not transferable.
A Pass for 5 lessons is valid for 2 months, for 10 lessons is valid 4 months. Lessons will lapse after the expiration date.

Yoga group lesson: 1 lesson 100czk    (maximum 5 per group)
Yoga - a cure for civilization diseases. Strengthening of the immune system, blood supply to tissues, acceleration of metabolism. You can feel light, warm and full of natural energy. All this and more!

Port De Bras - Group lessons: 1 lesson 150czk    (maximum 5 per group)
Port De Bras - For everyone -no matter your skill level or age - no previous experience needed.
An original program that combines functional and dynamic stretching with arm movements. The concept is based on the idea of strengthening and at the same time rehabilitation training. It improves joint mobility, strength and flexibility of muscles, develops motor skills and contributes to finding physical and mental balance.
Port De Bras was created by Russian instructor Vladimír Snežik and Spanish instructor Julio Dieguez Papi (the world's best known aerobics promoter, creator of the Power Stretch program and many Body and Mind lessons).
The first presentation of Port De Bras was made by Snežik on the international stage in 2006.

Fit ballet - Group lessons: 1 lesson 150czk
Videos here:
          Fit ballet with Gymnastic balls
          Morning stretching
Fit ballet - dance strengthening exercises from the Body and Mind group of exercises, using individual choreographies.
Fit ballet is suitable for EVERYONE who likes dance, movement and music.

What to bring to your lesson?
Pilates is practiced with us barefoot.  Wear comfortable sportswear -tight fit shirt are better.
Port De Bras and Fit ballet are best barefoot, or in non slip socks or ballet sponge shoes. Wear comfortable sportswear, slightly looser with long sleeves for more graceful arm movement.
Don't forget your drinking regime.  It is always better to drink 15 to 30 minutes before exercise

A shower is available with fresh towels for free.

I am looking forward to see you and help you enjoy your time in the Studio.

Please fee free to call and arrange a lesson at a time convenient for you.