Studio Pilates Linie is located less than 5 minutes walk from I.P. Pavlova tram and metro, and also near Bruselska tram stop.
It is a small private studio with rooms designed for group and individual Pilates lessons on Mat and Stott Pilates Machines, Yoga, Port de Bras and Fitbalet.

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One room in the studio is fully equipped with original Canadian STOTT PILATES machines. Exercise on these machines can be in individual or group lessons(maximum 3 people).
Pilates machines are definitely not for hard pumping exercise. Quite the opposite. With gentle exercise, you will get to know the real possibilities and limits of your body - in a fun and safe way. You will learn how to move lightly and efficiently, how to connect your whole body into one functional unit and enjoy the movement, not only during exercise but also after.

The Rehab V2 Max Reformer is customized for all clients with very few limitations. As it stands above the ground, it makes it easier to get on and off, as well as more comfortable in a sitting position with your legs freely lowered for older or less mobile clients. The Rehab V2 Max Reformer has the ability to fine-tune the resistance springs over conventional reformers, making exercise available to people with specific needs, such as post-rehabilitation clients. Rehab V2 Max Reformer is complemented by a vertical extension and a number of additional components (Jumpboard, Discboard, CardioTramp), which guarantees the availability of a wide variety of exercises.

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The Cadillac is a typical Pilates machine whose uniqueness distinguishes Pilates studios from conventional fitness studios. It offers a wide range of exercises both for clients in post-rehabilitation care and for performance athletes. It is often popular with men who can test the true strength of their arms in reverse positions. This ultra-robust, versatile device allows the possiblity of hundreds of exercises, not only those from the Pilates repertoire, but others in all levels of movement.

The Stability Chair is a multifunctional Pilates machine made of solid wood that is effective in exercises for the entire body. This machine helps the exerciser understand and find the connection of the upper and lower half of the body, which increases stability and improves the control of movement.
It is ideal not only for rehabilitation, but also for those who cannot exercise while lying or standing. On the other hand, it enables high performance exercise for athletes and fitness professionals.

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From beginners to fully advanced exercisers, The Ladder Barrel helps develop basic stability, balance, strength, coordination and flexibility for any Pilates enthusiast. It consists of a high padded arch and short wooden wall bars.

The second room, has can take up to 5 people, which allows for lessons to be given on a personal basis. The room is not only used for Pilates Mat and Fit Ballet exercises, but also for Port de Bras and Yoga.
The large wall mirrors help you see your stance for better control.
There are many aids for different types of exercises available: mats, arc barrels, small heavy balls, the classic overball exercise balls, large balls, rollers, pilates circles, rubber stretch bands, yoga blocks, meditation pillows, relaxation blankets and mats for under your head.

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